Making an appointment

In The Netherlands it is possible to have a consultation at a physical therapist with and without a medical referral letter. It’s possible to make an appointment either by phone (+31162314989) or via e-mail (

Medical treatment opportunities

All therapists are specialized in treating complaints of the human musculoskeletal system. They are specialized in different areas, which means there’s always someone able to take care of your specific medical situation.

In the Dutch physiotherapy there are different types of therapy. Our therapists will determine with the patient what type suits your situation best. Possible treatments are:

  • Exercise therapy / rehabilitation
  • Home exercises with several treatment goals
  • Mobilisations / manipulation of joints
  • Manual stretching of tractions
  • Massage or frictions
  • Education on complaints

Costs of physiotherapy in The Netherlands

Depending on the way you are insured for costs related to the physiotherapy, there are 3 different options to cover these:

The general rule in The Netherlands is that Physiotherapy is not part of your (mandatory) health insurance package.

If you have an additional health insurance policy (Dutch= “aanvullende verzekering”) it is likely that there is a budget for physiotherapy. The budget depends on the insurance company. Generally, there is a limited amount of consultations. Check your policy to determine the number of consultations you are entitled to use. The number of consultations is defined per calendar year.

If you’re not additionally insured for physiotherapy you have to pay the costs by yourself. You can either choose to pay per consult, pay per month, or all at once (at the end of the treatment series).

Please note the following special situations that could apply to you:

  • When you are in a rehabilitation process after an operation
  • When you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • In case of rehabilitation from cancer
  • Certain bone fractures
  • Certain neurological diseases (e.g. MS)
  • And in case of any of the indications in the following list of exceptions: (Dutch)

The above bullets describe a so called “chronic indication”. A chronic indication the following rules apply: the costs of the first twenty consultations must be paid by the patient (or an additional health insurance). From the twenty-first consultation onwards the costs are covered in the basic health insurance. Be aware that in some cases the patient still must pay a yearly ‘obligatory deductible excess’ (Dutch= “eigen risico”).

If there is a chronic indication, a medical referral letter is mandatory.

If you are under the age of 18, then physiotherapy is insured for 18 consultations, regardless having a medical referral or not.

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